Things that probably aren't very interesting.

2 months ago

Setting up Crashplan on FreeNAS

Braxton Schafer Guides  

So I recently undertook the adventure of trying to make Crashplan run on my FreeNAS (9.3) server. It took a lot of fiddling, but hopefully this will help somebody else solve the problems they're runn…

2 months ago

Welcome to my updated blog!

Braxton Schafer Meta  

Please excuse the mess, I'm in the process of transitioning to the Ghost blogging platform. You can find my old blog at I'll have a much better looking site up soon, I…

9 months ago

Student Software Discounts

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Being a student can have its benefits. One such benefit is getting a wide variety of software for either free or very close to free. Most of these require you to register with either a school email…

a year ago

Why I <3 DreamHost

Braxton Schafer

So, I host my website (and my uncle's photography site, at DreamHost, under their wonderful shared hosting plan. I've been noticing lately that my sites have been run…

2 years ago

Programming Tip: Equality Checks

Braxton Schafer Programming   Protip  

I don't know about you, but I've gotten weird errors on occasion when I'm trying to write code like if (i == 0) and I inadvertently miss the double equals. Then, you have a double whammy because the…