Career Profile

I am a highly motivated, bright, and articulate individual with a wide breadth of technical experience and skill. I thrive working directly with peers and clients, yet am able to work independently. I have a passion for technology and information security, and I have a devotion to doing things the right way - especially when it is not easy. Learning new things and teaching others delight me.


Systems Engineer

2015 - Present
Epic Systems, Verona WI
  • Senior developer of internal tools, responsible for taking these applications from concept to production and providing ongoing support for them.
  • Perform code review for other software developers and maintain continuous integration infrastructure and tooling.
  • Member of Security Operations Council, on which I provide information security and policy recommendations.
  • Administer Splunk infrastructure, including creating dashboards and writing custom tooling to support Splunk deployment.
  • Support Epic's 9,500 end users to ensure they are productive and happy.
  • Lead the Apple administration team, supporting hundreds of Mac and iOS devices via Jamf Pro and custom scripts.
  • Mentor and train new team members.

Computer and Technology Services Student Assistant

2013 - 2015
Epic Systems, Verona WI
  • Set up an imaging and management solution for Epic's growing number of Mac computers.
  • Worked collaboratively to design and develop a user-facing web app in C#/ASP.NET to perform circulation of loaner laptops, using Git and Jenkins CI.
  • Planned, designed, developed, and implemented a web app in C#/ASP.NET to track inventory in multiple locations.
  • Supported Epic's 9,000 end users by performing hardware and software troubleshooting.
  • Imaged, scripted, and delivered computing equipment for 300-700 new hires each month.

Assistant Network Coordinator

2012 - 2013
School District of New Glarus, New Glarus WI
  • Responsible for managing the IT team, kept them on task and functional.
  • Maintained all district equipment.
  • Proposed, presented, and recommended new equipment and solutions to district administration.
  • Provided friendly and courteous support to administration and faculty, and dealt with mediation between IT team and faculty members.




Here are a few side projects I've worked on.

easy-notifier - This was just a little web service I wrote while learning Go that can send me an email through curl. Example use case: `long-running-cmd; curl exited with status code $?`
Monopoly - C++ developer. A research project I worked on in my senior year of college at Ripon. We were modeling the game of Monopoly to analyze strategies. I created a fresh, fast implementation of the model in C++ to speed things up.

I also consulted on the original Python implementation of the model, which was being used in order to perform calculations in numpy.

Skills & Proficiency



Security Operations



Defensive Security




Reverse Engineering